A Christmas Poem

By now most presents have been unwrapped, and meals eaten
Good tidings shared and heavy traffic beaten,

As we all put our feet up, and rub our full bellies
There is only one pup that is not done telling
His humans to Get Up!

While we are tired and sated,
Simon is still elated

Ready to jump and play,
He is not quite done with this Christmas Day,

So, be gone pesky clouds and you starry night
Simon is not ready for all your Christmas lights,

He still wants to run and tug, barking non-stop
At least until Rosee gets on top,
Of him and his bed, unwilling to move
He has no countermove,

His whines go unheeded, his sad eyes ignored
Rosee has no use for such behaviors she abhors,
(And not so secretly uses to her own success
Many times, yes!)

Finally he lies down, and she returns to cuddle
With the rest of us still in a huddle,
Wrapped in warm blankets
In a food coma from our banquet,
Watching It’s A Wonderful Life
Imagining a beautiful world without strife,

So with those happy thoughts in mind
We here at Play Hard Bark Often hope you will find
Unrelenting cheer,
And a happy New Year!

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