By now you have probably visited quite a few dog blogs, dog websites, or pretty much anything that had to do with electronic content that concerned itself with dogs. So, you’re wondering why should I give this site a try?

Well, we here at Play Hard, Bark Often can only hope that you find our site as interesting and useful as we do. Throughout this site you will find reviews for different types of products for dogs, including collars, leashes, treats, etc. Believe us, with two medium-large sized dogs with bounds of energy we have tried hundreds of products in hopes of finding ones that work well for and with our dogs. We promise that our site will give readers true first-hand accounts of tried and tested products and our honest perspectives. Though we may not always be perfectly objective, because we are testing products for our certain types of dogs, we know that our insight can and will be useful to other dog owners.

This site is a testament to what we wish we had as first-time dog owners, especially when our dogs were younger. Even being a part of various training classes and talking to family friends with pets, we did not always have reliable sources of input into what type of toys, food, treats, or beds to buy. We hope that through this site we can provide a quality look for others who need another opinion or a first one to consider.

So, please peruse our site, read our stories, and laugh at our jokes because we will have so much fun sharing our thoughts and dogs with all of you readers.

Enjoy. (And head over to Simon and Rosee’s pages in order to discover the two energetic dogs we crazy humans are using as our product testers.)

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