Rosee’s Turf

The second product tester to grace this site is, as you’ve probably guessed from the page title, is named Rosee. While initially she may not seem like she is that different from her partner in crime Simon, she certainly has her own needs, personality, and perspective on products.


Rosee is very clearly a Boxer/Pit Bull mix. She has the short stature of a Pit Bull, thought she is usually taller than other Pits we see around town, and she has the more muscular chest that gives her away. However, she also has the short snout and long lips of a Boxer, as well as the breed’s easier excitability.

While she is not as rambunctious and energetic as her brother 23-hour day brother Simon, she does have her playful moments. She becomes what we like to call “Hurricane Rosee,” as she goes running around the house bouncing off of the couches until we can get her attention with a cookie. Being a year younger than Simon, she is just starting to exhibit all of those lovely little behaviors that he finally grew out of, her favorite past time being to practice her kleptomania skills.

She is very excited to share her point of view on toys, treats, and anything else she can steal off of the kitchen table. So, look out for her and what she can do.

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