Simon’s Corner

The first product tester that works for Play Hard, Bark Often is named Simon. According to a nice woman we met in the park one afternoon, it is a good name, though a little unconventional for a dog. The only thing we have to say is that neither of us  felt comfortable enough yelling “Alvin!” at  the dog park, so Simon it was.


Now, Simon is a few years old mixed breed, what we like to call a true “All American” dog. We say this only because he is an unknown mix of many different types of dogs as far as we can tell. According to three different dog trainers and two different veterinarians Simon is probably part American Staffordshire Terrier, part Boxer, part Pit bull (as if the Staffordshire part didn’t capture that), part Terrier, and part Lab. Honestly, his breed and what temperament he displays  really just depends on how much sleep he has gotten and the time of day! In any case, he is a youngster that certainly likes to test his boundaries (and his toys’ durability) daily.

He loves to play, to go on walks, to play, to eat, oh and did we mention that he likes to play. If it were up to him he would play for 23 hours a day! But this is the attitude that makes him such a good product tester. He able and willing to chase after most any new toy, and put pretty much anything into his mouth. We can’t wait to share Simon’s testing methods and favorites with you as time goes on. So, stick around, you’ll be glad you did.

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