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Training Time

It’s that time of year again…it’s egg hunting time!


The annual Easter egg hunt for dogs we attend is just around the corner. (Actually it’s this weekend.) It’s a fun activity for Simon and Rosee, and not just because they end up getting a lot of treats, which they do. In fact, they end up getting A LOT, A LOT of treats. Yet, they tend to enjoy finding and opening the eggs more than anything. Sometimes they don’t even gobble up all the treats before moving on to the next egg. As a human, I enjoy taking the pups because we get to walk around, check out various vendors, get a bunch of free goodies ( everyone gives away poop bags and they can get expensive, you know), and it’s just something different to do.


In preparation for the big event, the pups have been in intense training. Their sniffers have been exercised, and their egg opening skills sharpened. We’ve been practicing hiding Easter eggs in our backyard, and letting Rosee and Simon find them. Some eggs are easy to find, some are more difficult, but…

Rosee and Simon always manage to find them all.


I enjoy hiding eggs to hunt for the pups no matter what time of year though, because it’s just a good exercise for them in general. It’s an easy exercise to try with your own dog, and it’s pretty funny to watch your dog open the egg to get the treat.

Wish Simon and Rosee luck for tomorrow.

Check out the video below  to see how Simon and Rosee’s skills measure up!

Make sure to check back this weekend for more photos and an update from the actual event!